Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Brian's sister Alyssa and her family and his other sister Mindy and her husband were all in town for the long weekend. We took a ferry over to Kingston and then drove to Port Angeles for the night. We rented a big house out there (Matt's sister and nephew joined us) and explored some of the sights out there. A big group hiked up to some hot springs and all came home reeking of sulfur. The next day Mindy, Bruce, Alyssa and I drove out to Forks. Mindy and Bruce are huge Twilight fans, so it was really fun for them. We walked out on the spit in Sequim and then took a ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. What a fun weekend with our amazing family.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heiner is so fast at the 800...there wasn't even anyone close to him

Isaac had a minor surgery..this was taken the evening of the surgery

Xander...or better known now as "XAZU"


My Puyallup Girls at Steph's adoption shower (she is getting her little girl from China this summer!!) Karissa is pregnant with twins and due any day now!

I'm Back!

Ok so almost a year has gone by since my last post! A few of my dear friends have been reminding me that I should update...soooo I'm back! Life at the Devereux house is busy as usual. The twins turned 2 in March, Heiner turned 13 in February and Luigi is about to turn 18 in a month!! Luigi made the Varsity ERHS soccer team this season. I loved being able to watch him and also a bunch of my students who are all on the team. He was also selected to be one of the X-Country captains for next year. We are so proud of him- I love hearing how much all of his teachers love him. Heiner dude has turned into quite the athlete..he has done all 4 sports at Aylen this year and has played year round soccer..he keeps us busy! He also pulled straight A's at semester and is stressing out that he might have one B this semester:) The twins are full on into their terrible twos! At times it can be the "terrific twos" as some people tell me it is...but for the most part they are testing limits:) They are hilarious though...and of course oh so cute. They are talking a ton and make me laugh every day.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Campers

This is an ad in the Boise airport. The girl in the ad is a former student who I was super close with...how cool to see her face in the airport!

Abrahm is feeding Xan goldfish

Isaac means "laughter"

What a perfect name for our little boy

I sure love this little dude

First Merry-go-round ride

Xander LOVES water. Here he is at Sandy Point in Boise, Idaho

(we had relay races out to that fountain in the background- it was super cold water- it was kinda freaky going under it!)

We took the babies on the ferris wheel at Lagoon (amusement park) in Utah

Brian and his sisters in Utah

Sunday, August 16, 2009

At Heiner's soccer game



I love my boys